Living in America and The Hate

By Mitzi Beliveau

A few people say to me that hate has been here only a short time because of the politics in the last few years. Nope!

Hate has been here a long time. Remember Dr. Martin Luther King. Why did he march? Why did we have a “Colors” only line? Why did we round up, Japanese citizens put them in concentration camps, take everything away from them and never give them back their stuff or compensate them after? We put them in concentration camps and just let them go one day to live on their own.

Hung Afro Americans. Hung them and whipped them. Made slaves of the Irish, Chinese, blacks, and others. It was legal to beat your wife till the late 1950s and some places till the 1960s. It was not legal for indigenous here in America to vote till 1967. People say “speak English” when Spanish and Indigenous language was spoken here first.

We put indigenous in concentration camps that they called Reservations. Pedigree American Indians like dogs so they could stay on their own lands. Took them away from their own homelands. The first thanksgiving was the Celebration of killing all the local tribespeople, men, women, and children.

Women could not buy or sell properties. Women could not vote till the 1920s. Women still make less in comparable jobs.

Most Americans are from immigrant families. Only Indigenous and Mexicans were here first.

We burned women to a stake as Witches!

America over the generations has founded itself on hate and it continues. It has always been here. Now it is permitted to vocalize itself louder because people listen to the media and control the masses lead but the elite.

Indigenous foundations were to feed their poor, elders, help the sick, help their neighbors, and the stranger in their land. Did they fight each other, yes!

The first people to be ethnically cleaned were Arcadians then indigenous peoples of this land. Putting indigenous children in boarding schools as young as 3 years old kept them there at boarding schools till they were 16 years old. Forced away from their families. Told not to speak their native language, given Christian names, beaten, did slave work on farms and places like Hershey factory, beaten at those places till the 1960s. A whole tribe lost all their children at a Christian boarding school. Beaten, starved, slaves, killed to get the savage Indian out of them and make them Christian!

Supposedly we were founded on freedom of religion, but I ask, who’s religion? Most hate most people who don’t look like white America and worship Christ! We blame the poor, the sick, don’t take of our elders as we should, we don’t welcome strangers. What happens to those Chrisitan values? They were never here. Not that there are not good Christians and good people, but were started out killing the original people here, or changed them to conform to their ways. I could go on and on.

I used to teach cultural diversity plus go to Government and corporations to speak on diversity. Grown men cried after I was done speaking. They said they were never told our true history. The oppressor only allowed their version of history to be told and taught.

Now you know, how are you going to treat others? With new knowledge are you going to live and breathe the oppressor’s lies? If your religion teaches you to hate others, that is not love. You live the oppressor’s values and morals. Or do you say, but what about this or that to continue your hate? You live and breathe the oppressor lies. Dividing the masses to hate for various reasons, we all are victims of lies and are being controlled. So divided we fall!

Open Your Heart

By Mitzi Beliveau

If we only knew the powers we had. If we were taught who we really are, we would be a different world. We would not be divided, we would not make the Earth sick. We would not buy “stuff” to fill our homes but made sure others have enough to survive. We would love each others differently by their giving heart to help others. We would need no harsh words, it just would not be in our vocabulary. Our purpose would be to help each other up: in their dreams and in their soul. But we are under the spells and webs of control. For the day we open up our souls in love; is the day we release our bonds to the slave-master of our; mind, body, soul, and spirit. Our eyes will be open and they have no power over us. Wake up spiritual childern of the light!

Mitzi Beliveau

The Hype Of No Avocadoes

The Hype Of No Avocadoes

By Mitzi Beliveau

Don’t believe the media hype that we will run out of avocadoes if the border closes. It is a ploy to turn you away from the real story. Many American people get dental care in Mexico because it is affordable dental care. I know of several RN nurses that get their medicine there because it is cheaper. I also know other seniors who have been getting their medications there for a few decades. The Americans that are there in Mexico when the border closes will not be able to come home. Americans will not be able to visit or cross. We also get a lot of produce and goods from Mexico. Mexico is our number one trade partner. I believe we have a crisis. It is more than just running out of avocadoes. There is a moral crisis, a mess of people dying and running for their lives. Why would people walk for 1,000 miles? Some dying along the way? FEAR! They are not getting paid, don’t believe that. If they got paid, they would ride the buses, not walk with their small children. This reminds me of my own roots of my father’s family. They came here looking for a better life from the Russian’s that ruled over Finland. FEAR and HOPE drove a lot of people to go to America. We use to have compassion, but there as always been hate. It is a balancing act. So much hate, war, and terror. Poverty all over the world, including our own. Hatred in our own country is in the news daily. Homelessness, hunger, third world conditions, death because of lack of health care and medicines. This is a sad country divided and not working together to solve our own problems. Then in return, we can not help others. Nothing good can come from this. When people are divided, they can be ruled by those who are the elite in power. Not for the good of all mankind or the Nation. The answers are more complex and it takes all people in all walks of life to work hard to solve our problem. Right now it is not happening. Maybe we need another revolution? I said that almost 20+ years ago. I don’t know all the answers or even some of them. I only know we are on a path of EVIL. I feel that every day. I have Hope like my ancestor that come here from Finland and my mom family from Europe. That things will change and we can live compassionately and not let the elite in power work behind the scenes to manipulate the masses. As an Elder, I only see things getting worst with hate and division. I don’t know what our future holds, but for right now, it is not good. So don’t believe the hype on lack of avocadoes. That is a ploy to get you away from what is really going on. Look behind the headlines to see what is going on. There is much more then what I can write about here. But that will be for another day. Peace be with you all.

The Uncounted Poor in America

The poor have always been here now they are increasing in America. Not numbered by statistics and Non-Profits DO NOT have the money to help them. Churches are stretched to the limit. People would instead buy iPhones, high prices shoes and clothes than to give to the poor and organizations who help the poor. Does your place of Worship house the Poor? Or pay part of their Rent? NO! Does your place of worship give food daily to the poor? Does your place of worship pay for medicine and health care for the poor? NO! But people say they should help the poor. That is one of the biggest need. That is what State and Federal Governments do. There are a few non-profits that support, but not by the thousands with the numbers we have. Plus the numbers are down on their income. People would instead say, I don’t want to pay taxes to help the poor the Non-Profits can do a better job? Well, they would need that money you don’t want to pay in taxes, plus more! The bottom line is some people don’t understand and some just don’t care. Our economy is set up so that there is poor. It is growing. I live 200% below poverty. Yes, your beloved friend has a secret to share. I have friends who buy me food so I can eat. I cut my medicines so I can kind-of be ok. I am an Elder in the community and still give of my time writing, healing or Psychic work. Why, because that is who I am, with or without money. My friends ask me to see them at their concerts or gigs, I can not. I don’t have the money for gas let alone the money for cover charges. Sorry, my friends. It is what it is. Wise up America, this is not a great country for the poor, sick, disabled, vets, children, women, elderly, people of color, and college student who will forever pay high-interest payments. Low-cost housing for seniors is estimated by the income of the average worker in any given area. Seniors are retired and not making $120,000 a year. (Some still have to work because they can not afford to live on what they did five years ago or ten years ago.) But builders for most senior housing has average those incomes as imaginary wealthy seniors. Not the average income for “retired seniors.” This is also done for any “affordable housing build.” Set up so the actual people who need housing, the poor can not afford it. Yes, poverty is part of the system to weed out the weak, sick, poor, people of color and elderly. The job never panned through via a friend who tried to help. Do not feel sorry for me, read my story and know there are over 300,000 people in my state alone of Minnesota who are homeless any giving day. I have heard 60% of those are children. Some are vets, elderly, disabled, sick and low wage earners. Yes, many of the homeless work. Two or three part-time jobs or a full-time job that does not pay for rent and food. Many live without medical insurance because they do not have a home. They need an address for state benefits, work, and etc. Some have Social Security it has a new tactic via the new government agenda of reviewing people who are disabled then dragging them through repeals and not paying them the income or Medicare (Illegal but not held accountable). Some die because they can not afford their medicine or get health care. They are not counted as such. So, there you have genuinely disabled people homeless and etc. It happens in my family. Yes, a forever revolving door of poor. Wake up American things are not as good as you are told.
By Mitzi Beliveau

The Depths of Hell

I Fell into the depths of Hell. The fallen were there. All the children of God in despair, pain, and sorrow. All see the dark pit of Hell, see no escape and no hope. My heartfelt sad for all my loves/babies the Children of God. So this Love in me grew. I saw the spark of Hope and Love from the One who is, the One who was and will always be. I reached for the light and told all the Children of God to hold onto me. So, I reached high, and with the Power of the Love I pushed through the darkness and took everyone from that dark pit with me. To the Love, Comfort, and Peace. So, began the Healing of the Many. Bless is the One who is, the One who was and will always be.