The Depths of Hell

I Fell into the depths of Hell. The fallen were there. All the children of God in despair, pain, and sorrow. All see the dark pit of Hell, see no escape and no hope. My heartfelt sad for all my loves/babies the Children of God. So this Love me grew. I saw the spark of Hope and Love from the One who is, the One who was and will always be. I reached for the light and told all the Children of God to hold onto me. So, I reached high, and with the Power of the Love I pushed through the darkness and took everyone from that dark pit with me. To the Love, Comfort, and Peace. So, began the Healing of the Many. Bless is the One who is, the One who was and will always be.



Some have asked me, ‘Why is there so much more evil in the world then I have ever seen before?’ There has always been evil. Sometimes evil is louder, so it seems like those that follow that path are more. There are more good people then evil in the world. In this world of instant media, we see more evil often, and people capitalize on it. Some call it trolling when someone starts hate, and other follow the vicious and callous behavior. I look at hate as a lower form of Spirituality and humanity. I look at evil in a lesser life form. Mother Earth and the Cosmos/Spirit world, are changing and its life form. The Evil will show it worst and come to its peak. Many are very sick and are in pain. Not knowing this is not what we are meant for. We are meant for love, kindness, kinship, support of each other. We are all on this Earth to become better then we are for the present. The Evil movement is strong, but Love is stronger, choose love. Do not forget to have compassion for those who are struggling. As you see a brother or sister down on their luck or their life; don’t kick them while they are down. Lift they up in love. We all have our down times. It is a loving thing to do when you lift someone one up. I try to raise someone up daily. I have been lifting up for so long as a daily thing to do, love has become a significant part of who I am. I have my failings, but my passion for mankind shines brighter each and every day. I try to touch and lift up to many, many along my path of life. As this year ends and the next year starts, remember to love thy neighbor, friend, stranger, family and anyone else you may encounter. Make your life the best you can be each and every day. Make that choice to be more love and wipe out any hate you may have in your heart. Blessing to you all my Loves. Mitzi Beliveau

Slow Dancing

Slow dancing is the slow blissful movement of holding a woman next to you. Holding her tight and nestling your head in her neck smelling her perfume and touching her skin. With a little more romance, sing along with the song. Even if you do not sing well. Very romantic!

My Spirit is Everlasting

Missing all my loved one who have passed on. I will meet you on the other side…till then…I will learn, help and just be… overcoming all that is in me to become a better person. Beating the demons within me. Always moving on even when I am down. I will walk, when I can not walk, I will crawl, when I can not crawl, I will yell, when I can not yell, I will use my mind. When I can no longer use my mind, I will use my spirit…my spirit is everlasting…

Mitzi Beliveau

Time is Coming To An End

I have lived my life. I feel great joy. I have no regrets. I love my life. I have met so many wonderful people. I know my time is coming to an end. My life is coming to an end. Life is so very fast. So much happening, so much happening. Spiritual learning is now on the fast track. I know the time is coming. I don’t know when. I just know it is soon. I feel the beat of the earth. I hear the heart beat of man kind in every song I listen to.

I feel love in all things. I feel all things connected. So much sadness yet so much love. Everyone has to ….learn the pain, having tears, having and feeling despair.
Everyone has to feel the loneliness, so maybe they will seek out others. I know my time is coming to an end. I have been lonely, I have had the pain, I have had the despair.

I always heard the music, always felt the dance. I danced to the music. Close to another body to body, beat to beat. Sang the love songs, sang with joy, sang with sadness. Some days I say, I just want to know how to love you. I don’t know what to do. I whisper your name. At times I know I still have so much to learn. So much to learn about myself…why do I do the things I do. Why do I crave you? Why do I want you. It seem like a fleeting moment in time. I see you then you are gone. The wind blows the earth continues, the sun shines on. I know my time is coming to an end soon.

Will I know you and love you before I go? Will you know me? My time is coming to the end…my pain is here and I hear the beat of the music calling you back to return to me….I am young and so much in love, but it was not true love. It can only be true love if both love each other. Humans are at times weak and can not truly love. The oceans go in and out just like life. Love comes and goes, but I miss you and I work through the pain. I love my life. I have no regrets. I love my life. My time is coming to an end.

My time is coming to an end, I have so many gift, so many loves, so many loves. I cherish the tender moments with my loves. But my time is coming to an end…cry, cry for me my loves you took to long my love. We are not here forever. You though you had time…remember me my loves, remember to call my name to the wind. I will be there looking over you. It is time for me to go. You will miss me until it is time for you come to me. Ever lasting time.

Peace within my eternal love. I am here, I am here….calling your name but you are not here. I will wait for you on the other side. Love is eternal. Love is ever lasting. I love my life, because I have met my loves…I have met my loves. I am here, I will be with you always calling you in the wind, shinning with the sunlight on your face my loves…shinning always on you. It is my time to go soon my loves…my loves… My time is coming to an end.

A Moment of Love

Looking outside your self for love will always fail. You have to love yourself first. Then love others, without conditions. Never asking in return. This does not mean letting others being disrespectful of you. Be who you are in love expanding and touching those who may need a moment of love and caring.

Mitzi Beliveau